ClickLearn announces updated 2021 roadmap for Attain!

  • 24 February 2021
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ClickLearn announces updated 2021 roadmap for Attain!
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The global COVID pandemic has already caused some disruption in our Attain release, and 2021 has also proven a challenge in that regard. During quality assurance testing this month several serious issues have been discovered in the March release. Delivering a quality product is absolutely paramount to us. We have therefore decided to postpone the March release and the upcoming roadmap until we are completely stable on the technology. 

We fully understand this will impact our customers and our development and quality assurance teams are working around the clock to stabilize and deliver the quality that you should expect from a ClickLearn product. The updated roadmap for 2021 is set as follows:


May 2021 release - Friday May 7th

  • Automated Process Testing
  • SharePoint
  • And much more..


July 2021 release - Monday July 5th

  • Upgrade
  • InsideHelp for Dynamics
  • Local storage option
  • And much more..

After the July release, Attain will be feature-complete and we can finally begin to help customers transition from Classic to Attain. Further details will be provided in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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