ClickLearn release version

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ClickLearn release version is out:


  • New voice available for languages Bulgarian, Vietnamese, Slovenian and Croatian.
    • MSS Voices.


  • New neural voices available for languages English, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian and German.
    • MSS new neutral voices.
      • Example from English:
MSS Neutral voices
  • Pause problem in show me video resolved.
    • You can again interact with the UI, use the mute button, full screen, pause, chapter navigation, and panning.


  • IFS Apps 7.5, 8, 9 and 10 APT replay issue with project structure items and global replay data has been solved.
    • ClickLearn now captures the “Name” value (typically as %4) where applicable, this will allow for APT processes used on tree and subtree creation and navigation. Basically, you can create a tree element in one recording, this generates a unique name that you store in your global-, recording-, or case values to use in the following recording in that book to interact with the newly created tree element.

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