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  • 15 June 2020
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  • Solved problem with ENTER key in produced portal search field.
    • Hitting Enter in the search field will no longer clear the live searches done on a shelf / portal.
  • Video control bar may now be moved below the actual video using the video argument controls=4 instead of controls=1.
    • The video controls are added to the string in the recording template: Process Instriction / ASIDEOBJECT_JSV
      • An extra tip: controls=2 will auto-hide the playercontrols, when unhidden they will overlay the screen just like controls=1 does.
video controls for show me video (test me is JSV2 and tryme is JSV3)
  • Problem with ClickLearn Assist ClickOnce in connection with Chrome recordings has been solved.
    • Specifically this issue solved a licensing problem for the Windows Based assist that was unable to execute Chrome / Edge based instructions.
  • Learning Portal extended with installation instructions for extension in Microsoft Edge.
  • New Norwegian text translation for Microsoft Teams connector.
    • Connector specific text for steps and entries.
  • Problem with editing in replay role causing excluded languages to be updated has been solved.
    • Norwegian language was always excluded, this is no more the case.
  • New APT setting for global replay use cases "Only when replay of books/shelfs in case sequence" has been added. This will always use the cases defined in the first recording and replay recordings in sequence for each case.
    • Basically this now makes is so that if you have two recordings, where the first recording has cases but the second does not – then the second recording will still be executed. Also, there is now a toggle that gives you two modes, one where the the following sequence is run: recording 1 case A  recording 1 case B recording 2 case A recording 2 case B or recording 1 case A recording 2 case A recording 1 case B recording 1 case B. This allows for better automation control when setting up your APT.

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