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  • Google Chrome extensions has been updated.


  • Connector for Microsoft Customer Engagement has been updated due to changes in the UCI interface which will fix replay problem on lists.
    • Due to change in tables GUIDs in the way Microsoft handles this in CRM
  • Support for Business Central Embed Apps added within a help project. Instead of just entering an Environment name you may additionally enter the URL. https://[application name] The two values must be separated by the pipe character, e.g. Environment|Url.


  • Problem with Word and PDF production in NAV Help projects has been solved.
    • Both formats now available and working in help projects deployed to a NAV help server
  • IFS connectors for Apps 8, 9 and 10 has been updated to support dropdown list in grid cells correctly.
    • Dropdown lists for certain items exceeding a limit threshold has been resolved.
  • ClickLearn extensions for Microsoft Edge browser now available on AppSource. No need to go to the Chrome Store anymore.
    • ClickLearn now available in the Edge Extension store
  • Problem with CRM inside help references from recording to forms when replayed in many languages has been solved.
    • Produce error resolved in forms with a lot of data replayed in 8+ languages.

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