💡 Show & Inspire: How other authors utilize ClickLearn (recording)

  • 19 June 2020
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Have you ever wondered how other authors work with ClickLearn, how they style their training materials, or how they go about organizing their learning portals?

Yesterday we facilitated the community’s first author meeting, the ‘Show & Inspire’ session, where ClickLearn authors from all around the world met and showcased their ClickLearn work.

Thank you to everyone who joined and contributed to the discussion with great questions and feedback - and a special thanks to @Jonathan Small, @kyliekiser, @llockard, @Dan Madden, @Michael Foster, and @Anja Schmid who walked us through their learning portals and didn’t hesitate to share helpful tips and tricks on how they make the most out of ClickLearn.

We hope everybody learnt something new - we certainly did :slight_smile:


Watch the recording here:


4 replies

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Thank you again for organising it, really enjoyed the opportunity to be part of it and got lots from the experience. Thank you everyone and here’s to many more! :) 


Jonathan, I wanted to ask you about the layout of your published Shelf. The way the buttons are laid out, the menu on the right side of the screen, the outline with each page / chapter, the vertical presentation of Word / PDF / PPT / Show Me / Try Me / Test Me buttons (versus the horizontal presentation of it across the top like my current default layout) etc. Is that a default template option, or was that part of the customization like with the icons and avatar design? 

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Thank you to everyone who shared their stories and experiences, and thank you for publishing the recording so that those who couldn’t attend live can still view it!

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I really liked all the ideas and it’s great to see, what you can achieve when inspired authors have a partner like ClickLearn.

It’s amazing what you build there. I really think there a no limits with ClickLearn, but I also want to inspire others and help them integrate ClickLearn in their departments.
So, I want to know how you did all that. What was the situation before and what procures do you have to get it done?

Maybe some of you have the time to answer a few questions in the Survey on how to create good user documentation.

I’m happy to get some feedback :-)