Tune in to Digital Adoption Talks!

  • 5 September 2022
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Tune in to Digital Adoption Talks!
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ClickLearn digital adoption platform is thrilled to announce the launch of the Digital Adoption Talks podcast with Microsoft MVP Rick McCutcheon and ClickLearn CEO Joachim Schiermacher. This podcast addresses the pains that businesses encounter when taking on digital adoption projects and equips listeners with guidance on best practices.

Digital Adoption Talks starts off the first episode exploring and discussing user adoption issues in Dynamics 365 projects. Hosts talk about and interpret results of a poll on issues in user adoption that they conducted with a select group on industry insiders. Then they discuss ways that business can overcome these challenges.

According to ClickLearn CEO Joachim Schiermacher, the poll results show that user adoption strategy is more important than ever. He believes that this underscores the need for organisations to take a serious look at existing training, support and documentation processes to be adaptable to change and effectively minimize adoption issues.


There’s a 40% increase in the number of apps organizations deploy - the largest averaging 175 apps. When there's so much technology in front of you, you need to think about how you adopt your users.

ClickLearn CEO Joachim Schiermacher


In coming episodes of Digital Adoption Talks, slated for release at two-week intervals, hosts are joined by relevant industry guests to talk about Digital Adoption in the Microsoft ecosystem. Industry and subject matter experts such as COO of DSWi AJ Ansari, JC Quintana author and founder of Dialogueprime, Louis Trahan, president at Learngistics and Chuck Ingram, CEO of congruentX talk all things digital adoption strategy and transformation.  

To listen to the first episode, check out Digital Adoption Talks on Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, and YouTube.

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