Building Effective Training Programs

  • 30 April 2020
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My interest is how to use ClickLearn to build effective business process work instructions. Simply showing the steps of a process is not the same as training someone on the actual process and why certain activities are required. The goal is to help the users understand why they do a certain activity so they can more easily adjust to the new or never thought of issues that they may be faced with later.


To use the old is better to teach a person to fish than to simply give him a fish.


1 reply

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Hi Ron,

I absolutely agree! It is vital to IT processes that you know why you are going through a process and how the IT processes are connected to the business processes.

One way of showing the business processes to the end users could be by adding the processes to the recordings. If you have your processes documented fx in Visio or some other tool you could add images from the business processes into notes in a recording.

You could also add a “purpose” chapter into your recordings and then add a note below the chapter that describes the business process and how it fits into the process.

To ensure that this information is added to all your processes I can recommend adding a chapter and a note into your template – then it will appear for all authors to remember.

Then they will be able to learn how to fish, and catch the fish! ;-)

BR Lars