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  • 21 August 2020
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I am curious how other authors are pointing their audience to the ClickLearn Portal.  Our CRM Dynamics is very customozed and I would like to see how others are using the ClickLearn icon for User navigation to the Portal.  I am wanting to put the ClickLearn icon on the task bar within each CRM entity (we have several) so User just click and land in the portal like:

What are the rest of you doing to get your Users to the Portal?

4 replies

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We are just using the Custom Help with a link to our portal. Then users can always click the ? icon to get to the portal. This is always navigating to the mail library page and not to items specific to the entity.

We also have the link on our intranet page where people go to get other CRM information.


Why were you thinking to use a button instead of updating the custom help url? Is each entity going to point to a different part of the library?

You could also look at Assist Mode which adds some icons in Dynamics I think

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Hi Kylie,

Thanks for taking time to help on my question.  Our CRM is highly customized for many different Users using certain Apps within.  We are trying to make it as easy as possible for those Users to see only the ClickLearn sessions that are pertinent to their job functionalities.  Good idea I will check out Assist Mode to see what it offers.




Hello I’m trying to understand how to get the Assist mode or turn it on in my Dynamics 365 environment if anyone knows where it is or has information on this?

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We’re using a read-only, OneDrive link and publishing to a local editor folder and then dragging the production content to the read-only folder.  Works great!