Training Build while in a remote working environment

  • 1 February 2022
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We’re working through an IFS implementation, and using ClickLearn as our major content creation tool. We’re also still working remotely due to COVID restrictions in our province, but even as those start to come to an end, our implementation team is still spread out over a wide geographic area, and we’re not co-located.

Does anyone have any tips, tricks or strategies for how to best leverage ClickLearn in this type of environment? Did you train more of your team (business analysts) on how to take screen captures, or did you rely on a few central people (training admins) to replicate system steps and do the screen captures? 

I’d appreciate any insight anyone can share, and happy to share what we find helpful/useful as we progress through our project.

Thanks in advance!

1 reply

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Hi @FOberlin!

Thank you for posting this excellent question in the Peer Exchange. I know @Carla Wise and @ellietittle both went through a similar challenge during the pandemic. If they are willing to share some insights I think you could benefit from their experiences. 

Thanks again!