Training for FSM Mobile

  • 10 April 2020
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Has anyone in this community tried to use ClickLearn to create training for IFS’s mobile FSM application? I would be very interested to hear about others’ experiences, whether or not those experiences were successful.

1 reply

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Hi David,

While you are waiting for other customers to check in on this topic, I thought I would share some general information about ClickLearn and mobile applications.

As most probably know, the current version of ClickLearn Studio can only be installed on the Microsoft Windows operating system, and is therefore limited to record on applications accessible from within the Windows environment. 

I can also let you know we have heard from some of our customers, that they have experimented with online iOS emulators to record their mobile apps with ClickLearn through a browser, just as you would any other webapp. There are currently no emulators we officially support or recommend, but I have heard some mention Maybe someone can share their experiences here in the topic?