Using IFS Scope Tool with ClickLearn

  • 7 September 2021
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I’m wondering if there are any other IFS users out there who have incorporated the scope tool into ClickLearn? Our implementation partner is using the scope tool, and they’re asking me what format the outputs would need to be in, and I can’t seem to find any information about it. We have our ClickLearn training this Friday so I’d love to get some more detail ahead of time.

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5 replies

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Hi Frederique!

I have moved your question to the Peer Exchange topic, in the hope that some of the subscribers there might respond. In the meantime I believe I can help you with your question about formats. If your implementation partner is asking about content formats, i.e. the learning content produced and published with ClickLearn, this article explains which are available.

I would suggest as a minimum to include HTML document (the webpages) and the interactive HTML videos

I hope this helps!

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Also adding @Tony Sampson, @mdocemo, @DuWayne Caviness, @Andrew_B, all or some of which could have something to share in regards to experiences with IFS Scope Tool export. :smiley:

Is there a difference between 2c8 and the IFS Scoping tool? If so, what is the process to upload the csv file from 2c8 verses directly from IFS scoping tool?


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Good Day,

I am also very interested in this topic as we are currently using the IFS scope tool to develop our processes but would like to use the output to build our ClickLearn training material


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Hi @peytonbaker and @fmagistrelli 

My experience with IFS and the scope tool has been a bit bumpy, but I’m happy to share with you what I’ve learned.

The IFS Scoping tool is a tool primarily used by the implementation partner while scoping your solution with you. If they choose to use it, then once you do your design workshops they would update your processes and your process models, and they will publish them via the scope tool. This generates several outputs - the 2A process documents, as well as the testing workbooks, and the csv and zip file extracts from the tool itself.

2C8 is a process modelling tool and is the base tool that the IFS scope tool is built on. I believe you have the option to get your scope tool extracts from your implementation partner, and then you could bring them into your own instance of 2C8 and do additional process modeling, or expand them out to other areas of your business and things like that. We got one 2C8 license with our IFS license purchase, and we had a review call with the 2C8 folks, but we decided our organization wasn’t ready to take on a process modeling tool.

If your implementation partner can get you the scope tool outputs - there should be a zip file, as well as a csv file, then you can use that to import into ClickLearn.

If you’re going to pull the scope tool content into ClickLearn, I would highly recommend you create a new separate project just for that. When you create a new project you have the option to do the scope tool import and that is when you would want to select the extract files. I can’t remember if we chose the zip file or the csv file - I can test it but I’d have to do it closer to the end of the week because it can take hours to run and then you can’t do anything else in ClickLearn.

Once you get it working though, it will create all of your structures in ClickLearn, and it will bring in all of the work instructions as well as several recordings. You can then review them in that project, and choose to bring them into a publishing project, or not, when you’re ready.

Our implementation partner didn’t use the scope tool at all, and so we found the incorporation of them into ClickLearn not to be helpful at all. 

I hope that helped a bit - I’m happy to set up a time to chat if that’s easier, and hopefully you’re able to leverage them for your training! Good luck.