Tech Days 2021 virtual conference FAQ

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When is the conference happening?

- On May 19th/20th (in 3 time zones - more info available on our website): https://www.clicklearn.com/conferences/2021/tech-days-2021/

Is the conference a virtual or a physical event?

- The conference is 100% virtual.

Is participation free?

- Yes, it is absolutely free to participate. 

What language will sessions be delivered in?

- All sessions will be in English.

Do I need any conferencing software to participate in the conference?

- The conference will be using Gotowebinar. It should work smoothly for almost anyone, but you can use this link to check if your system will can connect.

Will sessions be recorded and shared after the conference is finished?

- Yes, we plan to record and share content from the conference on the community after the conference.

How can I get notified when recorded content from the conference becomes available?

- It’s easy! Register for the conference and use the “Subscribe” on https://community.clicklearn.com/tech-days-2021-99, to subscribe to updates. All conference content to be shared after the conference will be posted in this category, and subscribing means you get an email every time something new is posted.

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