Attain: October release FAQ

  • 25 September 2020
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Attain: October release FAQ
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Hi all,

As you know we are launching our biggest release ever in only a few days from now. In this post we will try to answer a bunch of the questions a lot of you might have. Before I get to the FAQ, I suggest you visit our new Attain launch site. You can browse the new exciting features that will be available, and sign-up for our upcoming "Get Smarter: Attain" virtual conference. The agenda will be full of Attain content - be sure you don't miss it!



What happens on Oct. 2nd, 2020?
ClickLearn Attain will be released as version 12.0. Older versions of ClickLearn will be known as ClickLearn Classic.


Will ClickLearn automatically update/upgrade as I am used to?

No. The October release of Attain will not auto-upgrade.


What happens to my existing ClickLearn solution?
It will not be affected. Existing ClickLearn applications at version 11.x.x.xx or older will not be automatically updated to the new release.


What happens to my existing ClickLearn publications?
Existing learning materials published to ContentCloud or other platforms will not be affected by the new release.


What happens to my existing ClickLearn source files?
Existing ClickLearn source files will not be affected by the new release.


How can I get ClickLearn Attain?
Contact our support desk.


Is there any additional costs associated with getting ClickLearn Attain on top of our existing subscription/licenses?

If you have an active software maintenance agreement or an active subscription, there are no additional costs.


Can I try out Attain without modifying my existing ClickLearn solution?
Yes, you can run them side-by-side.  


How do I know if community content is related to Attain or my existing ClickLearn solution?
From Oct. 2nd onwards the existing, old ClickLearn solution (version 11.x.x.xx or older) will be known as ClickLearn Classic. Community content will also be tagged accordingly.


How do I register for the virtual conference Get Smarter: Attain?
You can register for the virtual conference on here.


Will the October release of Attain be feature-complete?

The October release of ClickLearn Attain will leave out a number of features to be completed, still pending further development. The features left out of the October release are:

  • ClickLearn InsideHelp projects (only relevant for customers using ClickLearn for MS Dynamics CRM/CE or MS Dynamics NAV/BC)
  • Offline use (mainly relevant for customers who are restricted by policy from using cloud services)
  • IFS ScopeTool support (only relevant for customers using ClickLearn for IFS) 
  • Automated Process Testing (Replay will be available - APT will not)
  • Version-upgrade (available from Dec. 10th release)


All of the above features were scheduled to be completed by the end of the year, but have been postponed to March 1st, 2021 - or earlier. Customers who are using either one of those features can continue to do so with ClickLearn Classic and plan to transition to Attain at a later stage. 


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