Can I change the voice for each separate module?


As we have female and male instructors responsible for creating and recording each module, I would like to assign the video voice according to their genders.  Is this possible?

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Hi @Debra-Derieux M 

While you can mix use of voices on individual steps in recordings, we currently do not have a time-efficient way to support the exact scenario you describe above. But it is possible to change the project-default voice selection on individual steps in the editor, as shown below:

If you find this feature could increase the value ClickLearn brings to your organization, I would kindly suggest that post a feature request here on the website. I don’t believe we have had this particular feature mentioned before.


@Per  Thank you for your reply.  Morten also suggested that I create a separate template for the modules with female voice.  I will give both suggestions a go!


Hi @Per ,

I gave your suggestion a try, but I must be doing something wrong because when I go to the recorded lesson, and click on Video Editor, and click edit on the first recorded capture, it doesn’t show me the same options

shown in your screen shots