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  • 28 September 2020
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What is the best practice for organizing files in the ClckLearn UI? I can see that we are going to create hundreds of recording, books, etc. but we need a way to organize them on-screen in ClickLearn. I looked at the documentation for Workgroups and Projects and that does not seem to be the answer. I do not even see in ClickLearn how to create a project. All I want is to be able to filter my UI so that all the files pertinent to a certain area of documentation are shown. For example: Just my files for Manufacturing Safety Practices or just Office IFS trainings. How do I do this?


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Hi Kevin!

Thank you for asking. We have explained this topic in detail in this post:

This video might also be of interest to you:

I hope this gets you on your way?

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Kevin, it took me a while to find this myself (I think I may have learned it on a Morten’s Corner video) but if you right-click on a recording, book, or shelf and select “Properties” a new window will appear that will allow you to create a Project name that shows up in the Project column of the main list. You can then filter the list with the second menu bar icon from the right, immediately to the left of the refresh icon (two encircled arrows).