Content Limited to a Role?

  • 22 May 2020
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Is it possible to limit what an end user sees within a shelf/book? We have some 'management' tutorials which I don't need everyone to see or have access to… We publish our content on an internal server. 


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2 replies

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Hi Matthew!

It depends on the platform you choose to publish to. We currently don’t support book/recording-level permissions on the ClickLearn ContentCloud. However, if you publish your ClickLearn content to your own CMS or webserver such as Microsoft IIS or similar, that platform should support configuring site permissions accordingly.

You can also consider posting a feature request here on the site, in case this is something you’d like to see supported on the ContentCloud.

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If you are publishing to the ClickLearn cloud - you could just put those in a different learning portal. So it wouldn’t necessarily be locked down but it would have a different URL. This would work if the content was not confidential but just something you don’t want to be obvious to the rest of the staff.