How come audio gets clipped short when content published to ClickLearn Portal?

  • 17 April 2020
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When we produce and preview content locally the Show Me Audio works fine.  When we publish the exact same recording to the ClickLearn Portal, audio of each step gets clipped short.  It doesn’t seem to matter what the length of the text is. 

We have even noticed this problem with content in ClickLearn help portal.  For example:

How are folks resolving or getting around this issue?


5 replies

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Wonderful!  Thanks Per.  We have installed the update and much better!

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Quick update: Customer testing has come back positive. A permanent fix will be included in the next release of ClickLearn Studio. Once installed, make sure to re-produce and re-publish any publications to fix the issue.

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Quick update: The past day we have tested a code-fix internally, and today our dev-team has released it on a content sample, which is now pending customer testing. 

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We are having the same issue and have been working with support on it.

We have narrowed it down to only happening when a note is added. Text from regular steps will read fine, but notes will get cut off. It seems if there is punctuation in the note it might get cut off sooner.

As you said it is fine in preview but then the issue occurs when it is published.

Thanks for sharing so support can find the root cause!

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Hi Michael,

Thank you for posting on the community! This sounds very much like a technical issue, we need one of our specialists to look into. If I could ask you to please contact our support desk directly, and include a link to your own content you have published online, they will be happy to look into this.