Multiple authors vs single authors in Attain?

  • 16 October 2020
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In ClickLearn classic, you recommended having only one publisher to maintain consistency in publishing content. Is that still the case with ClickLearn Attain?

2 replies

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Hi @mesh

Sorry for the delay in our response - I think you question got lost in the Attain sign-up list. I have moved it to the “Have a question?” topic. And now to answer your question:

We have added collaboration features in ClickLearn Attain to specifically deal with this pain, making it much easier to control and manage multiple authors working on the same project, than in ClickLearn Classic. This developer diary post may offer some initial insight into the feature set.



Please could I add a question here @Per 

We will have many authors creating content in one project as you mention above. Would you recommend that there is one person who structures the portal and publishs/republishes as required? Or could you see it working for all authors to structure their part of the portal and publish as they go along. Are there others that are using ClickLearn in this way?

We plan to have all our training materials for IFS in one project & therefore one portal. Do you have any data on how much it is possible to hold on one portal and whether others are doing this too?

Thanks in advance!