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  • 12 September 2023
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I am going to be running some training for our Authors on how to use ClickLearn. I would love to use ClickLearn to record this process, however, my ClickLearn currently only records D365 Fin & Ops. How can I do this or do I need to use a third party product (which seems ironic) but also which one?

Thanks Penny


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3 replies

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Hi Penny, while you can record attain by clicking CTRL+SHIFT+R anywhere in attain - I would still recommend you have your authors utilize our free training resources, which includes your training sessions hosted by your Customer Success Manager at ClickLearn, the ClickLearn Universe, and of course the ClickLearn Community.


You can find further into here:


Thanks for this response, I have used the CTRL Shift R to record what was on the screen, but I didn’t capture all of the steps. Now I am stuck going back into the recording to edit it, because adding steps after just goes into usual ClickLearn recording method.


Does this make sense?

Thanks Penny

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Hi Penny,


please send a mail to support or your CSM to book a session to look at this.