Using a Predefined Recording Structure with Sections and Text Blocks

  • 17 February 2022
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Learn about using a predefined recording structure with sections and text blocks to create a cast for streamlined work instructions.



00:00 - Scope of Today

00:45 - Predefining the Structure

05:34 - How to Find Language Code

06:12 - Best Practice

08:02 - Thank you for watching






4 replies

Hi. Great feature!


In the end off the video you are talking about it being a possibility to atach a picture to either one of the text sections. How is this done? The only option I can seem to find is to attach a link to the tekst?

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Hi @Kasper Thøger Holmberg 

thank you :)


for that, you can change the textblock post recording to a textblock with image, then add your image.


click change layout


select any option but the first one :)


Hi Morten,

Do you have any plans to extend the content block feature to include other media items such as embedded video, custom HTML etc.


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Hi @Aaron Wilcock 


i recommend you post here for an answer to that:


you can do html links, those links could be to a video you are storing in your assets and hosting on your structure - that would not embedd it, but it would be accessible from the link.